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Dry Blood Analysis is a ancient method of understanding what is evolving in your body on a cellular level.  This test involves taking eight to ten spots of blood on a slide, allowing them to dry, and then observing the patterns that form under the microscope. The patterns that form provide us with insights into the imbalances present in the organs and systems of the body.

The dry blood spot is considered to be a hologram of the human body, a little like the eye in iridology, i.e. the different rings in the sample represent a different part of the body. Therefore, wherever the abnormality appears in the bloodspot tells us approximately where the problem is occurring in the body. Another important aspect of this test is that each spot represents a time frame; the first and largest spot of blood taken reflects the current day, the latter spots provide a reflection of the patient's health, many months or even years ago, and will highlight the deeper seated or chronic issues underlying the current symptomology. How this historical view works 

Nutritional Live Blood Analysis

This simple, quick, and accurate analysis is best used to help determine your optimal diet and if any supplementation is needed.  Our nutrition consultation is used in conjunction with our Live Blood Analysis, as well as some of our other programs and tools, to help you in attaining your health goals.  It has been shown that client compliance is improved significantly because of the understanding that comes in conjunction with the Live Blood Analysis.

Ultimately, your health is your responsibility, however, through Live Blood Analysis we can help you change your health for the better.  We give you the inside view of what your body needs most! Contact us today for your analysis, interpretation and nutritional consultation. 

little understood; however, it has been the observations of many researchers that as a person heals, it is the first and largest blood spot on the slide that corrects itself towards the healthy sample first, followed by the second and then the third, etc., etc., over a period of months, as the patient's health problems reverse.

These observations are cross-referenced with existing medical conditions or signs and symptoms. For example, if one sees evidence of irritation in the bowel, the patient will report symptoms of irritable bowel such as bloating, gas and alternating diarrhea and constipation. The apparent symptoms support and confirm the observations made in the blood, and lead to more credible identification of the problem and thus more successful treatment protocols.

The uniqueness of this process is that you, the client, can be any where in the world and have this done. We do not have to review the bloodspots 'live' in real time. The blood can be captured on the microscope slide, set to dry and mailed to the microscopist for review. No need to drive any where. 

Once the client receives the blood kit, captures the sample and mails it back to be reviewed, we will set up an appointment via Skype, facetime or phone to share your results. ​ So, don't delay.  Learn now, what you can do to improve your heath in your every day life.  

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Nutritional Live Blood Analysis 

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 Live Blood Analysis has been used as a resourceful tool since the early 1900's. It is a reliable source used to understand the body at a cellular level. What does that mean? Why is that important?

It has often been said that Live Blood Analysis is a way to look at the health of a person’s entire body.  While we all know that our blood is our “river of life,” many do not fully understand the true importance.  Not only does our blood transport oxygen and nutrients to our cells, but it also removes cellular waste.

 Considered alternative medicine, a Live Blood Analysis is completed by using a small drop of blood from your fingertip, and observed for approximately 40-50 minutes under a powerful microscope.  This microscope is connected to a camera so that the process may be watched and results can be given immediately.  We are able to look at the condition and the quality of your blood, and determine significant influences on your present and future health path.  Stress and disease often show in the blood long before anything manifests in the body.

Your blood plays an important role in your overall health, and is the highway for many substances in your body to travel to multiple areas of your body.  Imagine circulating blood through your body that is lacking in nutrients, or is full of disease.  Your blood helps to maintain homeostasis within your body.  It will help your body adapt to different conditions, such as stressful situations, dietary changes, injury and more.  Nutrient lacking blood will not supply your organs with what is needed to remain healthy.

Many aliments, such as, adrenal exhaustion, anemia, nutritional deficiencies, and allergies can be detected with Live Blood Analysis.  The condition, health and shape of your blood cells tell many things, including free radical damage, clotting disorders, poor circulation, stressed liver, congested colon and much more.  With this information from the Live Blood Analysis, we can help prevent diseases such as arthritis, high cholesterol, congestion, digestive disorders, migraines, infections, hormone imbalance and so much more.